4-Quart Basin
An extra-large water basin for heavy-duty jobs, such as carpet shampooing or wet pickup.

Extended Hose
Provides additional reach when cleaning stairways, ceilings and fans.

Jumbo Floor and Wall Brush
This 14-inch wide brush tool covers a larger area with every pass, allowing you to clean large surfaces in less time.

Rainbow® Sprayer
Connects to your Rainbow to create a handheld mister ideal for plants or windows.

Attaches to the Sprayer to create "dry" suds from liquid shampoo. Your rugs and carpets can be shampooed right in the home.

Aerofresh Bag
Refresh your cushions, pillows and plush toys with water-washed air.
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  • Photo of 4-Quart Basin
    4-Quart Basin
  • Photo of Extended Hose Extended Hose
  • Photo of Jumbo Floor and Wall Brush Jumbo Floor and Wall Brush
  • Photo of Rainbow® Sprayer Rainbow® Sprayer
  • Photo of Rexafoamer Rexafoamer
  • Photo of Aerofresh Bag Aerofresh Bag